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Privacy Policy is aware about and recognizes the importance of private information protection and possible consequences that might occur in case if user's data becomes available to any 3rd party. Therefore we protect Your data according to Latvian Republic legislation requirements and the best information protection practices.

Your mail content privacy

  1. We guarantee your data privacy. Letter's and postcards content, addresses, e-mail addresses, attached images and documents etc. will not be made public or handed to any third party under any circumstances, except situations when the information is required by law-enforcement authorities, in needs of investigation. In these cases transfer of information will be made according to practices set by Latvian Republic laws.
  2. Information, uploaded by the service users is stored and encrypted on our servers and we use it for letter printing only.
  3. We store content of letters and postcards on our servers only as long as it is necessary to print and deliver them. After letter, attachments and postcards are printed-out, enveloped and delivered to Latvijas Pasts (post-office), all the mail content will be irreversibly deleted from our servers.

Copyright and Content Ownership claim no copyright rights for content sent or uploaded by service users.

General provisions reserves the right to make changes in Privacy Policy at any time.