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Terms of Service

  1. is an Internet service, where users using their Web browser can write and prepare ordinary mail letters and postcards for sending in territory of Latvia;
  2. does printing of user's created letters, envelopes, photos, and paying for letter sending and delivering it to the state post office - Latvijas Pasts;
  3. guarantee the delivery of a letter to the Latvijas Pasts office within 24 hours from the moment of payment on working days. The delivery of letters submitted on weekends or public holidays will be postponed until first working day after weekend or public holiday;
  4. As a payment method accepts SMS payments using mobile phone from numbers of Latvian mobile network operators (Bite, Tele2 and LMT). SMS payments can be made from a roaming mobile phone as well, the same tariffs are applied. Paymants using bank cards and PayPal are also available for service users;
  5. It is in the users of the Service best interests to specify delivery address properly. Details of a sender and receiver addressees should be specified in the following order: addressee's name, surname (company, institution name), street name, house and flat number, inhabited locality, city name. A post index has to be specified at the end of the address line. Sender's address should be specified at the top left corner of the envelope or postcard. For more details click here;
  6. Service users are responsible for providing existent and correct destination address for their letters. does not check existence and correctness of addresses provided by users. If destination address specified will be incorrect will still provide its services without taking any responsibility of the letter reaching its destination. Also no reimbursement will be made for letters not been delivered due to wrongly specified address;
  7. recommends to specify correct letter and postcard return address to receive the letter or postcard in case of unsuccessful delivery;
  8. is not responsible for the content of letters ar postcard sent, and consequences that might result from the delivery of these letters and postcards;
  9. Only user of service is responsible for content of letter or postcard;
  10. has right, but not an obligation, to refuse delivery if  content of letter or postcard is illegal, abusing, contains intimidation, materials of pornographic kind, infringes copyright or Terms of Service. In case of service has been refused, user will not receive reimbursement;
  11. reserves the right to modify, stop (for a period of time or completely) service providing at any time;
  12. service user has obligation to read the Terms of Service before making payment;
  13. Using and paying for service means complete acceptance of Terms of Service;
  14. service website and its content is copyright of All rights reserved. Any copyright infringements will be resolved according to the legislation of Republic of Latvia;
  15. All the disagreements occurred between and service users will be solved in the way of mutual negotiations. If such negotiations fail, all disputes will be resolved according to the legislation of Republic of Latvia;
  16. These Terms of Service applies to every service user and visitor;
  17. reserves the right to make changes of the Terms of Service at any time. Any such changes comes into effect as soon as they are published on the website.