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Even now in the digital technology and e-mail era, "ordinary" letters and postcards have not lost their charm and originality. Many people would be pleasantly surprised to receive such letters or postcards. Unfortunately in everyday hurry we do not always have enough time to write and send it to our relatives, friends or colleagues. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to send a letter and postcard as easily as you send an e-mails? is an online service that transforms sending of "ordinary" letter and postcard into an easy, accessible and entertaining task. How does it work?

How to use?

The principle behind the service is simple. Just open home page and write a letter or postcard - Pastnieki will take care of the rest - like printing and delivering it to the post office. :)


There is no reason to worry - your mail's content is secure, it will be known only to you and your addressee, because our mail printing and enveloping processes are highly automated and in addition we always take care about data privacy. Our privacy policy is available in details here.