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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is is the unique Internet service in Latvia which makes ordinary letter or postcard sending as easy and accessible as using e-mail.

How it works?

The principle behind the service is simple - your electronically written letter or postcard will be printed, enveloped and delivered to an addressee. Physical delivery of letters or postcard will be done by Latvian state post service - "Latvijas Pasts".

Who can I send a letter or postcard to?

At this moment you can send letter or postcard to any place in territory of Latvia. International Letter sending is not available yet, but we are working hard on this feature and soon it will be available - just follow news.

When my letter or postcard will be delivered?

You are welcome to use calendar feature and set Your own letter or postcard sending date. However delivery date depends on Latvijas Pasts operation speed.

How will my letter or postcard be special?

You, by expressing yourself will make this letter or postcard unique :)

May a letter contain photos?

Yes, photos can be added in two different ways: inserting colour photos straight into the letter, or adding them as attachments to a letter - attached photos will appear on a qualitative photo paper (10 x 15 cm in size) and sent along with the letter.

Can I attach Microsoft Word documents to my letter?

Yes. Can I send only photos or electronic documents? Yes, of course. Add attachments to letter (photos or documents) and press "Only attachments" button. In this case we will print and send only attachments.

How long letter can be sent?

The maximal volume of one letter is limited to 9 printed pages or 12 photos.

How much sending of a letter costs?

Sending letter which consists of one printed page (or one attached photo, without letter) will cost You - 1 LVL. Please follow this link in to find out how much costs each additional page, photo printing and other features.

How to pay for the service?

We accept SMS, bank card and PayPal payments. Using of SMS payments is simple - just use your mobile phone and send via SMS a code shown in payment window to the number 1897, wait for a response message and then press the button "Received confirmation SMS".

What to do if I have not received a response SMS?

It indicates that payment transaction has failed. There can be various reasons for that. Most common is - the code you have sent is incorrect. It also could indicate shortage of the credit on Your side (if you use prepaid card). If none of examples applies to You, it might meas that has encountered some technical problems - please contact us in this case.

What should I do if I have another questions or suggestions?

You are welcome to contact us :) We will be pleased to receive Your opinion, suggestions or constructive critics. Our contact information is here.